Black Font Friday!

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Black Font Friday!

Welcome to [Black] Font Friday! I’m going to assume everyone has been out boosting the economy and dodging punches.

In the spirit of capitalism, one of my favorite ways to spend cash is to buy boots responsibly purchase fonts that were once a pipe dream. Not only does it make me feel like a fancy lady, but I get to support the working artists / mad scientists that are type designers. (Seriously – based on my college research papers, I’m convinced they all lived in Saucytown next to Dramaville.)

On this inaugural Font Friday a brand-spanking new font from one of my favorite resources Lost Type Co-Op is making a guest appearance.

Dude is a slab serif cowboy font designed by Dan Gneiding.

After watching this awesome video showcasing all 12 styles I knew he simply MUST be mine. (Yes, twelve fonts! Complete with appropriately awesome names: Dolly, Hank, Johnny, June, Kitty, Loretta, Merle, Patsy, Tammy, Townes, Waylon, and Willie.)

Lost Type has a unique stance regarding purchases: all fonts are on a pay-what-you-will donation basis and the designers get 100% of all donations. That means if you can’t really afford a font, you can make a donation, and if you CAN, then you can pay the designer directly what the font is worth (hint: a million diamonds). Win for all.

I’ve gotten to know Dude a little better and besides being cute he has a great sense of humor. And if you’re reading this, you probably do too. See, you’re friends already!

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